About Sol Artz

April 21, 2010

Sol Artz Jewelry has grown  tremendously over the past two years due to the growing demand for a natural holistic way of life that many are opting for. The artist Nerissa -Marisol worked in the field of Textiles and Home Product Development before making the decision that creating  jewelry was the medium that she wished to use to express her creative self. Her  designs are a result of her recognizing the healing power of creating your own wearable art. At the Fashion Institute of  Technology in NYC, she studied the importance of  Fashion, Color, Trends, and Product Development. In her own personal journey, she discovered and studied the importance of the healing energies in  semi-precious stones and metals. The concept of the Sol Artz Jewelry line is to act as a “talisman”  as in ancient times. The jewelry is worn to remind a woman that she has the power to create her own luck in society. She ensures to design all of the unique  hand crafted  pieces with love and intention. The jewelry is made with  semi-precious healing stones and sterling silver to ensure high healing energies.  Not only do her handmade pieces look attractive on the outside, they will enhance your own inner light. Sol Artz Jewelry will awaken your senses to a higher vibration.

I would like to personally welcome you to the newest line of Sol Artz Jewelry.